How to Use Facebook for Brand Marketing

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Facebook is a great channel for building brand recognition, emotional connections and growing brand awareness.

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users, giving you a huge opportunity to promote your brand.

The answer is not to shift your direct response marketing budget toward brand marketing. However, you will need to include both social strategies.

You might be looking for a few outcomes from your Facebook marketing. You could simply want to educate and reach new customers. You might also want to remind your customers why they should purchase from you and the core values of your company.

Improving Your Customers’ Perception

You might have a goal to reinforce and grow your brand message, depending on the market you are in. This will help foster trust and loyalty among your customers. You can even shift the core brand identity and core values of your brand to improve your customers’ perception.

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No matter what your goal is, it’s important to define it before you do any other things. You can’t measure success later on if you don’t have a clear objective.

After you have defined your goal, you will need to think about four things: your target audience and budget, as well as how you plan to measure the results. These four factors are directly related to how brand marketing ads on Facebook are set up.

Define your target audience

Understanding your goals and objectives is crucial. You will target different audiences if your brand marketing is to educate new customers about the brand than if your goal is to remind customers of your brand.

Brand awareness and branding requires a deep understanding of your buyer personas in order to target the right people. Brand marketing targets a wider audience than direct response and will therefore be lower in your funnel.

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Set up Your creative ads

Your brand marketing goal should be reflected in the ad copy and creativity. What do you want people to feel when they view your ads? What brand sentiment do you want to create? What is your brand’s uniqueness? What problems can your customers solve? What should customers care about?

Advertising for brands is about education. A strong call to action, such as “buy now”, will not work. These ads communicate a message to customers and get them in touch with you. They are not about requiring direct action.

Determine your budget

It’s a fact that budget management is crucial for both direct response and branding ads.

To reach a wide audience with dynamic ads and brand-building ads, you should use a CPA goal when setting up your ads.

Your success can be measured

Multi-touch Attribution is a great way to market your brand ads. Why? Multi-touch Attribution is a great way to track the impact of every touchpoint, even if you’re running direct response and brand ads.

Brand marketing results will show more variation than direct response. The size and budget of your target audience as well as creativity will have an impact on the variation. You need benchmarks.

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Facebook has a tool that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your brand marketing campaigns. The Facebook Brand Lift Test uses brand awareness measurement and polling to assess the true value of your brand marketing efforts. This can be run on one campaign or across the entire portfolio.

The Brand Lift Test can be found in the Experiments section on Facebook Ads Manager. The Brand Survey option should be used only for brand awareness ads. The polling questions should be related to your objectives. Are you looking to measure brand loyalty? Do your customers recognize your brand?

It is crucial to measure your results consistently. Measurements are essential in order to adjust and improve your ads’ performance.

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Take a comprehensive look at your digital marketing

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Take into account your industry and other factors

Remember that results will not be the same across all industries or subsets of demographics.

As I mentioned, brand awareness ads can be very effective in eCommerce and retail industries. You can go further.

The research found that brand marketing was more effective in driving short-term sales for healthcare companies for those aged 35-54. Direct response is a better option for teens.

Take into account your industry and your demographics. Next, establish benchmarks to measure your results so that you can tweak your ads for maximum results.

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